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Sarah Beeny's 100 DIY Jobs

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Sarah Beeny's 100 DIY Jobs

Author: Sarah Beeny

Price: £20

So many of us have lost the practical skills that people a generation ago had as second nature.  We know we ought to be able to put up some shelves, tile a wall or fix that creaky floorboard but all too often our lack of knowledge or experience means we end up calling someone in to do the job, often at great expense.  Little jobs like bleeding radiators, fixing a loose toilet seat or preventing a draught often lie undone as we worry our lack of confidence or knowledge will cause problems.  Sarah Beeny's practical good sense and expert eye, combined with her natural warmth and energy, will be familiar to fans of her hugely popular TV programmes.  Her down-to-earth attitude and expert knowledge, gained at the coalface of house renovation, inform her approach to DIY and, in 100 DIY Jobs, she shows exactly how to tackle 100 of the most common household jobs.

For each job, a comprehensive tool list is given, followed by clear, step-by-step instructions, and precise technical illustrations for those jobs that need a little more clarification.  The 'How to Nail It!' advice on each project will teach you how to perfect each job and avoid common pitfalls.  From the smallest tweak - such as fixing a squeaky door, or dealing with a dripping tap - to more advanced weekend projects such as painting a room or fixing a skirting board, Sarah's advice eliminates any uncertainty.

Every area of the home is covered, from Bathrooms and Kitchens to Floors, Walls and Ceilings and Doors and Windows.  For those who've recently inherited wooden floorboards, there is advice on filling gaps, sanding them down and bringing their natural beauty to the fore.  In a chapter on Painting and Decorating, Sarah teaches you how to strip and hang wallpaper while tricky painting jobs that involve obstacles such as radiators are demystified.  With its wealth of practical information and clear illustrations, this guide provides a key reference for every homeowner.

No of Pages 224 pages

No of Illustrations Over 200 colour illustrations

Binding Hardback

ISBN-13 9781849493710

Format 248 x 187mm

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