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The Kids Only Cookbook

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The Kids Only Cookbook

Author: Sue Quinn

Price: £12.99

Here's a book that does exactly what it says on the tin - it's a cookbook aimed specifically at kids, and only kids, so they can get down and dirty in the kitchen.

Apart from the odd 'adult alert' the recipes are all easy and safe enough for children to cook entirely alone.  A few basic guidelines show them how to get started - how not to chop your fingers off and how to find your way around the kitchen - and then it's into 50 simple but really tasty recipes, arranged around kids' interests: Morning munchies, Scrummy suppers, Things to take out and about, When mates come over, and a bit more challenging: Posh nosh and Party time.

All the dishes are the sort of things kids love, such as no-recipe pancakes, sensational smoothies, awesome ribs, chicken fajita, easy-peasy pizzas, stripey cheesecake sundae, magic lemon pudding and amazing chocolate celebration cake.  They'll also learn as they go along; each recipe contains a culinary technique such as beating, whipping, piping or baking.  All the dishes have been chosen and cooked by Sue's kids: Ruby (11) and Ben (8), and each one is illustrated cartoon-style, with photos of every step you need to see to get the dish right, with easy-to-follow captions and comments from the kids themselves as they go along. 

And there's also advice on how not to turn the kitchen into a disaster zone - clear up as you go along!

No of Pages 128 pages

No of Illustrations Over 300 colour photographs

Binding Hardback

ISBN-13 9781849493314

Format 270 x 216mm

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