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In at the Deep End - Cooking Fish from Venice to Tokyo

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In at the Deep End - Cooking Fish from Venice to Tokyo

Author: Jake Tilson

Price: £20

Jake Tilson used to be scared of fish (a feeling many of us share). Ice-laden market stalls were avoided and seafood recipes were left safely on the shelf. Yet, rather than resort to the analyst's chair, Jake decided to overcome his culinary phobia by cooking his way out of the problem.

In this fascinating book, the award-winning artist, designer, writer and cook travels the world on a quest to buy, prepare and cook fish and seafood. In at the Deep End is an engaging personal story of discovery of fish cookery.

Travelling from Venice to Tokyo, New York to Sweden and Aberdeen to Sydney, Jake chronicles his journey to in absorbing detail. Whether cooking and eating Venetian Bigoli with Clams or New York Crab Cakes, Swedish Soused Herrings or Japanese Sushi and Sashimi, Jake effortlessly conjures up the worlds in which these dishes originated - the fishing villages and coastal landscapes, the fishermen and their boats, the markets, smoke houses and restaurants. An evocative exploration of Jake's many experiences with fish, this delightful food memoir and recipe book catalogues Jake's conversion to seafood obsessive. Jake's acute eye and enticing recipes make In at the Deep End a book to be read, savoured, used and, above all, enjoyed.

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No of Pages 224 pages

No of Illustrations 1000 colour photographs

Binding Paperback

ISBN-13 9781844009756

Format 253 x 201mm

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